On Site Training

KISS Consulting can bring any of their workshops to your organization. For organizations which would train three or more people, “On Site Training” is the best option, as it is

  • flexible (we design modules with your  timeframe)
  • addressing your specific needs (we customize our training sessions to accommodate your requirements and deliver your desirable outcome)
  • using your own statistical software (whether you use SAS or SPSS, we deliver the training program with the statistical package you are using)
  • cost effective (having only one or two instructors come over will save you employee travel expenses)
  • ensuring 100% confidentiality (tackling your projects in-house to make sure of full confidentiality)
  • a team-building opportunity (our emphasis on hands-on application would strengthen the team spirit among your staff)
  • providing follow-up support (when new questions emerge at the later application stage, we provide certain hours of FREE consultation* to offer continuous support)

Simply write us an email at info@akissconsulting.com or use the contact form to let statistics empower and advance your organization.

*The hours of free follow-up consultation depend on the scope and complexity of each training program.