Institutional Research

Institutional research (IR) is such a crucial element in aiding higher education institutions to develop institutional strategies, increase institutional profile, enhance research capacities, and support continuous academic quality improvement.

With the increasingly complexity and diversification of colleges and university, IR consultants with professional knowledge and experience could play an important role in meeting immediate institutional needs (Milam, 2008).

Our research team, consisting of experienced IR research professionals, who gained recognition from and hold membership in several international IR professional associations (i.e. EAIR (European Higher Education Society) and AIR (Association of Institutional Research)), is committed to adopting the Best Practice in the field for your research requests. We apply KISS (Keep It Smart Statistics) results-oriented framework and bring fresh and unbiased insight as well as high-powered expertise to solve your problem agenda.

Our IR services cover but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Strategic Enrolment Research (i.e., Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI); Applicant Study; Decliner Study; Parent Study)
  • Developing and Measuring Key Performance Indicators (i.e., Incoming Student Demographic Study; Student Satisfaction Study; Graduate Satisfaction Survey; Graduate Employment Study)
  • Academic Assessment (i.e., Course Evaluations; Program Evaluations)
  • Organizational Culture Study (i.e., Student Engagement Study; Faculty/Staff Engagement Study; Alumni Engagement Study)
  • External Reporting (i.e., Compiling and Analyzing Institutional Data for Accreditation)

Benefits of having us on board:

  • Cost efficient
  • Faster turn-around
  • Bring credibility to the existing problem and to the organization’s response
  • Provide objective assessment leading to feasible improvements


Milan, J. (2008). The role of consultants in institutional research. New Directions for Institutional Research, 139, 27-45.