Thesis and Dissertation Support

We strongly encourage master or doctoral students to contact us at the initial stage of research proposal development. The earlier you have us on board, the smoother your thesis journey will be. In the past, we have witnessed many students fail to design scientifically valid research questions, adopt appropriate survey instruments, and collect/code/manage the data properly. When they approached us at a later stage and we pointed out commonly-made mistakes to them, they had to spend enormous hours on re-designing their research, re-coding original datasets, re-running statistical tests, and re-writing thesis drafts and articles for publications.

Why duplicate your precious time, energy and efforts if you could have professional and top-quality services from us? Why not hand the statistics part over to us to allow yourself to use your time more wisely and be awarded your desired degree sooner?

Another kindly reminder we would like to offer to graduate students is to follow the advice from your thesis committee. Even though it is your original research project, it has to get the approval from your thesis committee in the end.  Please keep us in the loop of the expectations from committee members, and you will be assured of a hassle-free experience in dealing with quantitative data on your thesis journey.

The workflow graph below nicely captures what we are committed to providing to you through 6 distinctive stages of project completion. The oval-shape processes indicate your efforts, while the rectangular-shape processes show services we are proud to provide to you. To provide you flexibility, you can decide to have us involved at any stage.  The estimate of our consultation fee will be based on the scope and complexity of the statistical and research support you requested. We are happy to design an individualized work plan to best address your needs. Unlimited email and phone support will also be provided to ensure your 100% understanding of the process and results of all quantitative analysis conducted by us.

To ease your anxiety, our consultation can be based on a per project basis or an hourly basis.


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