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Upcoming Online Publications

Published on October 17th, 2011 under topic "General" by KISS Consulting

We are also committed to provide FREE access to our online tutorials on APPLIED statistics and research design.  We see this upcoming section as an outlet to share our many years’ experience in research design statistics analysis with our existing and prospective clients. We use a humorous approach, plain language and live examples — not only to give you a laugh and some happy moments, but also clear up confusion about statistics and research design. Complete the form to join our mailing list and stay tuned with our bi-weekly newsletter. You will receive our regular online publications on statistics, research design, and research analysis.  See the list below of some examples of our upcoming online publications.

  • How to KISS (Keep It Smart Statistics)?
  • Why KISS 101 (Keep It Smart Statistics) is for everyone?
  • Statistics=Sadistics?
  • 10 reasons that Statistics rocks. Yes, you heard me correctly. It rocks!
  • Some hilarious jokes about statistics
  • Some hilarious jokes about statisticians
  • What are the differences between statistics and biostatistics?
  • An tribute note to Dr. Paul Meier – the co-inventor of Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis
  • Is it true that everyone likes graphs?
  • 10 Common Mistakes in Building Datasets
  • Words Glossary – Rigor,  Reliability, Validity
  • What is Descriptive Statistics?
  • What is Inferential Statistics?
  • Oh, it’s the notorious “P-value” again!

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